Sunday, 29 April 2012

After an enjoyable meeting of the Woking group of the 3mm Society here on Friday, I set about doing a bit more and here is the result!  The inner fiddle yard is now almost complete except for filling in the gaps with sleepers, and sorting out point control.

Work will now stop for several weeks to await delivery of some hand built points from my friends in 3mmSMR which are the result of some horse trading for some single and double slips, and three way points which in the end I could not use.  These will allow me to finish the outer fiddle yard.

Work will then turn to the scenic section of the layout.  I bought some of the new (ish) backscenes from Gaugemaster at a show the other week and one of these was a lovely (!) industrial scene which I am told is Middlesborough.  I have also asked my friend Howard Love in France if he can build me some terraced housebacks, the sort you still find backing onto the railway in industrial towns.

I also promised a better photo of the master for the class 66 and here it is!

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