Sunday, 8 April 2012

I started doing the curved part of the outer fiddle yard just prior to going on holiday in the week before Easter and thought that readers might like to see the Heath Robinson method of getting the curves right!

The curves start six inches into the two adjoining boards and I nailed two strips of offcuts from laminate floor panelling to join at the centre of the circle and inserted a nail at the point where the lines crossed.  To that nail was attached one end of a length of telephone wire long enough to reach the outer track. The other end was wound round a pencil. I did try string at first but this proved too stretchy. You could also try another baton of wood nailed in at one end and with pencil shaped holes at the right distances.

Starting with the outer track, the first track's centre line was traced and the wire wound in to the centre of the next track and traced. This continued until all tracks were traced onto the board.  Crude but reasonably simple and accurate!

I have now started laying the tracks on boards L (shown) and A (to right).  As there is a change in track used between the board on the left - Peco and Society to match the Peco Points, and board L GEM - as I have about 40 yard lengths to use up - it was not possible to lay across the join between boards K & L which would have been preferable so the alignment is done by eye.

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