Thursday, 25 June 2015

A period of ill health and heavy business commitments has prevented me from continuing work on the layout but in the intervening period, I have been busy trying to make progress on all the unfinished rolling stock dating from years to decades!

So far I have outshopped 8 Mk III HST carriages, a dogfish wagon, a class 20, class 40, class 47, two class 37's, a three car met camm unit and an 08 outside framed shunter, a CCT parcels van, a BG and a GUV - also parcels vans.

Photos of this lot will follow.

Currently awaiting completion are two bogie oil tanks, another 47, many diesel chassis kits for 37's and Westerns, and two HST power cars.

Once I have a clear modelling bench, attention will turn to wiring Alexandra Junction!





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