Saturday, 31 October 2015

Moving forwards

The two oil tankers are finished; the extra 47 done, and after the sixth rebuild, the double motored Western is now up and running. Thanks to Peter Stratford for the non-wobbly Maygib wheels which sorted out all but one of the problems. The final problem which was causing the loco to Kangaroo down the track was an axle which turned out to be far from straight - nearer V shaped, how that occurred heaven knows but all sorted out now.  Had a great time at Expong at Swanley and relieved Andy Shillito of 20 Rudd wagons so I have some unbuilt kits once again. Looking forward to welcoming Peter Bennett for a modelling day soon where no doubt some of these Rudds will be built. Cant paint them though because Phoenix Pecision did not have the right shade of paint when I saw them :-(.  Also looking to welcome a former member of the Broad Green operating team Pete (Tich) Colton who has indicated that he can help me with semi-auto signalling and an entry exit switching system for the fiddle yard. Photos when next the sun shines!! :-)

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