Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Today sees me lying down in the chemo ward of St Lukes in Guildford with 3 hours to spare and as luck would have it, the latest photos are in my laptop,

The first of the Rudd wagons in the process of spraying Ford Broom Yellow, and the finished article with the Departmental grey applied by hand.

 The general idea of the kit is that the chassis is built at the same time as the body but because of the complexity of the paint scheme, I chose to make them separately and made a jig to ensure all was square. This also involved the use of some 2mm square plastic rod,

Next come 5 scratch built Clam wagons which use the same chassis and regularly appeared in trains with the Rudds.

The originator of the Rudd kit will probably have a seizure if I admitted that the completed one actually has a Tri-ang chassis with all the thick cast detail removed and the brake rigging from the Society 12' chassis applied.  This is to provide enough chassis for the Clam wagons,

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